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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

To be the most efficient and reliable motorcycle tires and spare parts distributor in the Malaysian Peninsular, while applying our values and principles as the instruments for progression.  

Corporate Core Values

Honesty and Integrity
We uphold honesty above all values. Nothing is more important than being honest and consistent in our business dealings—be it with suppliers or customers. We are fair to all our clients when it csomes to product pricing, and the practice of double standards is strictly prohibited.


We view our customers as essential to our growth and success. We try our best to satisfy the needs of our customers by being responsive, efficient, and by adapting to their individual needs.


We do not believe that the pricing of our products is the only factor that differentiates us from the competition. We emphasize quality in the ordering process, the delivery of goods, and the after-sales service, which contributes to the overall value of our package to our clients.


Dignity and Excellence
We have a strong sense of dignity and self-respect when presenting ourselves to the outside world. A consistent representation is important as it reflects who we truly are. Professionalism is what marks a T. S. Bee employee. Our staff will always give their utmost to the company and its clients— showing diligence and commitment in their work.


Enjoyable Work Environment
We ensure that our work environment is both safe and enjoyable for our staff. We provide the necessary facilities and resources to make work life as comfortable as possible. Our employees’ health and wellbeing is also of primary importance as we believe that happy and healthy employees make happy customers.